Youth Hockey organization for the towns of Haverhill, Pentucket, Groveland, Georgetown, Merrimac, Paistow, Newton NH, Salem NH and surrounding areas.

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GHPYH Mission Statement
The mission of the Greater Haverhill / Pentucket Youth Hockey Program is to administer and maintain a not-for-profit organization designed to support inter-league competition in the sport of hockey. It is our objective to foster good sportsmanship, discipline and teamwork through the execution of structured programs. We will provide for a positive learning experience geared towards developing the fundamental knowledge and athletic ability of our players.
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Skills Start times
Parents,  The Haverhill High School team has concluded their...
HPNA Senior Night - February 19, 2020
Good Afternoon HP Thunder! We are passing along to our program...
2020/2021 Registration is OPEN
Registration for the 2020-2021 season is now open! -CLICK HERE- It...
Fundraising Prize Winners
Our Cash Calendar fundraising efforts were a great success this year....
Cash Calendar Winners!
Late last week the board, with the assistance of some of our awesome...
Mom's Night Out - February 27 - Reminder
  Reminder!  Reminder! Reminder!  Mom's your...
Valley League Player of the Week - Tyler Genna
  How about a big round of applause for our HP Thunder own:   TYLER...
Message from the Board of Directors
Good Afternoon,  I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving....
Skills Start times


 The Haverhill High School team has concluded their practices for the year. As a result, we've regained the 5pm practice hours. We have adjusted the Tuesday skills sessions back to the earlier start times from the fall. Other practice days will also see earlier start times. 

Additionally, with the season quickly winding down, we'll continue to add the last few weeks of practice times around final games and in preparation for playoffs for each team. Keep your eyes out for more events added. 

Lastly, registration for the 2020/21 season has been opened and is available on our site here. Evaluations are just over 3 weeks away!



by posted 02/23/2020
HPNA Senior Night - February 19, 2020

Good Afternoon HP Thunder!

We are passing along to our program about the HPNA Girls Varsity Hockey team, of which some players are former members of your HP Program.  The Haveerhill / Pentucket / North Andover team is currently 17-0-2.  They are ranked Number 1 via the Boston Globe and they just won for the first time their League Championship.  Yes the first time in seven years..What an accomplishment!  This team should be recognized, as they have built something very special.

Let's recognize them by attending their Senior Night!

When: Wednesday February 19, 2020

Time: 5PM ET

Where: Haverhill Veteran's Memorial Rink

If you wear your HP Thunder jersey, you get into the game for "free".

They want your support, they are playing their rival Andover!

Come on out, support past HP Thunder players and cheer the HPNA team onto their 18th victory!!!   

Good Luck HPNA!!




by posted 02/18/2020
2020/2021 Registration is OPEN

Registration for the 2020-2021 season is now open! -CLICK HERE-

It will remain open from now through March 15, 2020.  All registrations are done online through our website. The tryout registration fee is $100.  This non-refundable fee is due prior to evaluations and will be applied to the 2020-2021 tuition.  Please note that Peewees and Bantams will be asked to list their position preference.  This is not required for Mites and Squirts.

Registration will close on March 15th to allow GHPYH time to determine approximate sizes for each tryout session to allow evaluators to provide the fairest evaluation. Therefore, it's critical to pre-register.

Evaluations for the 2020/2021 season will be held on the following Tuesdays and Thursdays in March at the Haverhill High School Veteran’s Rink:

Tuesday March 17, 2020
5pm - Squirts (2010, 2011)
7pm - Bantams (2006, 2007)
Thursday March 19, 2020
5pm - Mites (2012-2015)
7pm - PeeWees (2008, 2009)

Tuesday March 24, 2020
5pm - Squirts (2010, 2011)
7pm - Bantams (2006, 2007)

Thursday March 26, 2020

5pm - Mites (2012-2015)
7pm - PeeWees (2008, 2009)

We'll be placing Midget players according to the school that they attend.   However, registration is still required to ensure your place on a team this fall.

Registration for our 2020-2021 Learn to Skate and Learn to play programs will open later this summer.


Please continue to check our website for more information as it becomes available. We anticipate the above schedule for each age group but may change the day of the week based on registration volume at each age group.  Dates and times will be confirmed as we get closer to the tryout dates.  


Please register for the appropriate program based on your birth year:

Year of Birth                      Division
Ages 4-10                          Learn to Play / Learn to Skate
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005     Midget
2006 & 2007                      Bantam
2008 & 2009                      Peewee
2010 & 2011                      Squirt
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015      Mite    

If your child is planning to be a GOALIE, they will tryout with their assigned age group (Squirt, Peewee, Bantam).  Goalies will be evaluated at the group sessions. Mites do not have a goalie only position. 

You must register online at our website, and click on the “Register Online” button, or directly by clicking HERE.  The non-refundable cost for registration is $100 BEFORE the 1st day of tryouts.   In order to ensure we have the appropriate number of players at each evaluation, you MUST PRE-REGISTER prior to the first session. You child cannot participate in evaluations if the fee is not paid or there is a balance remaining from a prior season

  • All Levels and Players: please make sure to attend at the times assigned for your group. This is established to maintain fairness in the rating process and is not optional.
  • Each participant is required to attend both sessions to be properly evaluated.
  • All fees are applied towards your tuition fees for the 2020/2021 league year.
  • Your 2019/2020 League fees must be paid in full in order to attend evaluations. Please contact the treasurer with questions about your tuition
  • Valid USA Hockey number is required for all programs. You can get your 2020/2021 USA Hockey number after 4/1/20 by visiting  
  • All Players will be responsible for purchasing Two (2) Jerseys season. Jerseys will be the same as previous years and may be reused, if you desire. Each parent will be responsible for filling out a form on the first night of evaluations. The form will include if you decline to order jerseys or your requested Size, preferred Jersey number (up to 4 numbers may be requested), and players information


Registration for our 2020-2021 Learn to Skate and Learn to play programs will open later this summer.


  1. Register your player for his/her specific tryout age group.
  2. Register your player for his/her jerseys if needed (sizes/numbers will be requested at tryouts)

If you have any questions, please email Chris Baker at   or Fred Bishop at 

Thank you!

GHPYH Board of Directors


by posted 02/13/2020
Fundraising Prize Winners

Our Cash Calendar fundraising efforts were a great success this year. After expenses and prizes, we were able to raise over $13,000!  This fundraising efforts allowed us to maintain tuition at the lowest rates in the area for for the 2019/20 season. Without your hard work, we'd likely need to increase tuition by as much as $150 per person.  We would also like to call out our highest fundraisers and congratulate them on winning some prizes.

1. Tyler Genna - Bantam 1

2. Caelan Rawson-Turner - Mite 4

3. (Tie) Brandon Roy - Squirt 3

3. (Tie) Brogan Arivella - Peewee 2

5. Jacob Tremblay - Mite 2

Winners will be contacted to make their prize selection. A coin flip will determine 3rd selection. Thanks again to our sponsors for donating some great prizes:

  • 2 Bruins Club level Seats  - March 28, 2020 Game - vs. Florida Panters. Donated by Andrew DiPietro's ClimateZone
  • Pride Hockey - Week long Summer camp
  • $100 Gift Card to TSR Hockey. 
  • 2020/21 NESP Picture Package (up to $50 value)
  • 8"x10" Patrick Chung Autographed portrait, donated By Sure Shot Promotions
GHPYH Board of Directors


by posted 02/13/2020
Cash Calendar Winners!

Late last week the board, with the assistance of some of our awesome players, pulled all the winners for this year's cash calendar contest. We are happy to announce all winners at this time. Congratulations to everyone that won. Checks will be mailed this month. Thanks

GHPYH Board of Directors

Date Amount Winner Name
2/1/2020 $200 Ryan Turner
2/2/2020 $200 Paul D'Hondt
Groundhog Day $200 Logan Pickering
2/3/2020 $100 Jason Grasso
2/4/2020 $100 Mason Barbieri
2/5/2020 $100 Evelyn Janes
2/6/2020 $100 Lukas Kondrotas
2/7/2020 $100 Sarah Masys
2/8/2020 $200 Koren MacDonald
2/9/2020 $200 Nikki and Dan Funaro
2/10/2020 $100 Nancy Razzetti
2/11/2020 $100 Jim Riccio
2/12/2020 $100 Michaela Hickey
2/13/2020 $100 Magnus Karlsson
2/14/2020 $100 Rob Butler
2/14/20 extra $100 Steve Cappezzuto
2/15/2020 $200 Dane Berube
2/16/2020 $200 Alexis Lecolst
2/17/2020 $100 Brian O'Connor
2/18/2020 $100 Tina Ackerman
2/19/2020 $100 Tara Polichetti
2/20/2020 $100 Kathie Martin
2/21/2020 $100 Ron Atkinson
2/22/2020 $200 Peter Leblanc
2/23/2020 $200 Bobby Caron
2/24/2020 $100 Magnus Karlsson
2/25/2020 $100 Melissa Fournier
2/26/2020 $100 Susan Sasso
2/27/2020 $100 laura Valley
2/28/2020 $100 Jodi Gauron
2/29/2020 $500 Denise R Paul

by posted 02/13/2020
Mom's Night Out - February 27 - Reminder


Reminder!  Reminder! Reminder!  Mom's your time has come to get out of night of hockey!  No Rink time tomorrow!  Time to go out and enjoy yourself!  If you enjoy yourself too much on Thursday Night, Friday morning maybe not to fun!  

MOM's Night Out!

DATE:  Thursday February 27

TIME: 7:30PM 

Musical Bingo starts at 8PM ET

Location: The Tap Room

by posted 02/11/2020
Valley League Player of the Week - Tyler Genna


How about a big round of applause for our HP Thunder own:




Tyler was named Valley League Bantam Player of the Week!


Congratulations Tyler!  Keep up the great up the great job for the Bantam 1 Team.

by posted 02/03/2020
Message from the Board of Directors

Good Afternoon,

 I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. As we turn the calendar towards December, we wanted to address many items that have been topics of discussion recently at board meetings and within teams.  There’s been quite a few different issues that have come up that are varying degrees of issues that are all 100% avoidable.  We’ve had parents get ejected from games for interacting with officials, complaints about parents behavior/yelling during games, kids bullying other kids (hateful language), kids vandalizing items in locker rooms and more.   Please take a few minutes to read these.

  • USA HOCKEY POLICY -  All Members agree to the USA HOCKEY code of conduct at registration. Additionally, everyone is provided this document at the start of the season. It outlines many items about how parents, players, coaches, etc. should act.  It is attached once again for review and each parent/player should read and understand the expectations.
  • USA Hockey guidance for Hate Language – on October 30th, all USA Hockey members received an email from Jim Smith regarding the enhanced penalties for Abusive conduct. This includes actions of player, coaches and affiliates.  Any negative conduct observed by officials, regardless of if it’s during a game, can and will be address. There is no place for derogatory, racial or bullying language and behavior in our game. It will not be tolerated by USA Hockey or our program.
  • LOCKER ROOMS – Lockers rooms are a privilege, not a right. Effective with Skills on 12/3, all locker rooms should be locked when that team is on the ice, except for mites (there are just too many kids that come and go).  Coaches will be responsible for unlocking the rooms after practice concludes. Further locker rooms must be monitored by coaches always. Coaches will be given instructions on how to handle locker room monitoring to ensure there are no issues.  Parents of younger ages are also encouraged to monitor locker rooms, especially during skills nights.  Failure to respect the locker rooms and other players property will result in the lack of locker room usage at our rink.
  • Official interaction – All players and coaches should respect the officials, regardless of their decisions during a game, and interact with them in such a manner that is appropriate and within the bounds of fair play. We are losing officials at a record pace and we cannot play games without them. At no time is it acceptable for a parent/spectator to engage with an official.  Respect of our officials is an expectation, not a request.

While the overwhelming vast majority of our organization adheres to all of the above already, it’s important for all to read this message. Please share all age appropriate material listed above with your children and anyone else who enjoys watching our teams practice and play.  As a board, we hope this is that time we have to address any of these items with our members. If you see any items that need to be addressed, please reach out to any Board Member or Myself.

Thank you,

Chris Baker

President – Board of Directors



by posted 12/02/2019
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